Looking to the future consultation


This consultation is asking church members to contribute to discussions about our needs and opportunities over the next few years, and in particular comment on the elders’ vision about possible changes to the staff team and the building. This comes in the context of a growing church and a desire to continue to show the love of Christ to everyone and help each other grow in our faith, as well as reaching out to others.

The elders have identified specific areas of ministry within the church they would like to strengthen over the next few years, taking into account current and expected demographics of the church. These are:

Alongside this, there would be many advantages from removing the pews in the church and replacing them with chairs. This would give us a more modern and flexible space, with greater comfort and potentially increased capacity.

A potential plan

To help fulfil the church’s purpose and meet the changing needs of a growing congregation, the elders have identified possible new staff roles to supplement the current team and the existing sacrificial service of many members. These are:

Alongside these, we could Initiate a plan to refurbish the main church, including replacing the pews with more comfortable and flexible seats.

These changes would entail significant cost. Combined, they would require a large increase in giving by members, maybe by about 30% compared to our current unrestricted donation income, although this could be spread over more people if we continue to grow. We have been very encouraged in recent months by the generosity of many, but we are currently doing no better than breaking even, and before we can proceed with anything the trustees have to be satisfied it will be affordable.

This consultation gives you the opportunity to express your views and indicate whether you would be able and willing to increase your giving to the church. We stress that no decisions have been made, but the elders recommend that the Pastor in Training role would be a priority. This would enable us to play a greater role in meeting the urgent need to develop men to lead the growing number of evangelical churches in Scotland, preparing someone who could potentially move to plant or revitalise a church after four years with us. This role could also help meet the need for more resource to nurture and disciple our teenagers and provide valuable additional pastoral resource.

All the proposals and indicative costings are covered in more detail below.

Your initial feedback would be valued by 12 December in any format, written or verbal. There is a form at the end of this consultation that you might wish to use, and it is also available online at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WV8PTVQ. If you want to post it, please send it to Ian Naismith, Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, 70 Leamington Terrace, Edinburgh, EH10 4JU. You could also scan your form and email it to manager@bruntsfield.org.uk.