The most straightforward way to give regularly to the Church is by Standing Order.  If you use online banking, this should be straightforward to set up, allowing you to give a set amount to the Church automatically every month.  You control the amount, and can cancel the Standing Order at any time.  

If you pay tax, filling out a Gift Aid declaration means that your gift is increased by a quarter through tax reclaimed from the Government.  If you pay Higher Rate or Additional Rate tax you will also be able to reclaim tax under self-assessment.

  • A Gift Aid form, which also includes details of our bank account for setting up a Standing Order, is here.

    You can print this form and hand it to either Ian Wilson or Ian Naismith, or scan it and email it to [email protected] 

    A version of the form you can complete in Word and email to us is also available - please ask for that from [email protected]
  • If you don't use internet banking, a form to hand to your bank is here.

Thank you for giving to Bruntsfield Evangelical Church.